Collapse of Olly Murs Concert Organiser

 20th Jul 2017

“Have you brought tickets for the Olly Murs Concert which has been cancelled as a result of the event organiser, Stephen C Associates Ltd, ceasing to trade.

If you've paid by credit card and the full amount is over £100 and under £30,000, you're covered by something known as section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

This means you have the right to ask the credit card holder to refund you the money if the 'goods' don't show up or aren't as advertised.

If you've paid by debit card, section 75 doesn't apply, but there is a bank scheme called 'chargeback'.

Under chargeback, you can ask the bank to get back your money if the goods you've ordered haven't turned up. The bank will usually do this, but if the seller disputes the refund by producing a contract that they've fulfilled, then the dispute is between you and them”.

Enquiries regarding tickets and refunds should in the first instance be directed to the provider they were purchased from. We also understand that the Directors of Stephen C Associates Ltd have instructed their own choice of insolvency practitioner, Herron Fisher in Croydon  (020 8688 2100 (  ) to assist them in winding up the Company's affairs so if you're unable to obtain a refund from your ticket provider you should contact Herron Fisher to lodge a claim.

Whilst the Directors have instructed Herron Fisher to act for the Company and as their choice of nominated Liquidator it is up to the creditors to choose who they want as the Liquidator to deal with the winding up and the enquiries into the affairs of the Company and the conduct of its Directors - if any creditor wants assistance in making a claim they can contact us on providing their name, contact details and amount they are owed and we will formally submit their claim at no cost.

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